Into The Presence - Into The Presence - 2009/2010 (Razor And Tie/Sony)
John Waite - In Real Time LIVE 2010 (Sony/Frontiers)
Train "A girl, A bottle, A boat" 2017 Columbia Records
Bigelf "Into the Maelstrom" 2013 (InsideOut/Century Media)
Michael Schenker Group - The Unforgiven 1999 (Shrapnel Records)
John Waite Wooden Heart acoustic anthology Vol 1,2, & 3 The Complete Recordings ( 2021 No Brakes Records)
John Waite "Rough and Tumble" (Fontana/Frontiers)
UFO - Covenant - 2000 (Shrapnel)
Train - Save Me San Francisco - 2010 (Columbia)
2018 Moore Blues for Gary
Tribute to Gary Moore
2018 EAR Music
Lunden Reign "American Stranger" 2014 (Cleopatra Records)
2018 Here we go Records
2017 Frontiers Records
Guest Keyboards on "Love Don't Live Here"
UFO - Sharks - 2002 (Shrapnel)
James Labrie - Prime Cuts - 2008 (Magna Carta)
David Lynch Foundation
Train Greatest Hits 2018 Columbia Records
2017 (BMG) Tribute to Dan Fogelberg
Lunden Reign "Confessions" 2018
Train "Christmas in Tahoe" 2015
Glenn Hughes - First Underground Nuclear Kitchen - 2008 (Frontiers)
Re-Machined Deep Purple Tribute
(Eagle Rock/Eagle Records)
2017 Spectra Music Group
guitar on "Give Me Something"
Train does Led Zeppelin II 
2016 Atlantic Records
Leonardo - The Absolute Man - 2001 (Magna Carta)
Artension - Pheonix Rising - 1997 (Shrapnel)
Cairo - Conflict And Dreams - 1998 (Magna Carta)
Mogg Way - Edge Of The World - 1997 (Shrapnel)
Anna Nalick - Wreck Of The Day - 2005 (Columbia)
credited as a writer
Bonus Track
Mogg Way - Chocolate Box - 1999 (Shrapnel)
Cairo - Time Of Legends - 2001 (Magna Carta)
Jesse'S Power Trip - Not For The Innocent - 1998 (MTM Music)
Engineer/Editor/Tracked Glenn Hughes vocals
2017 Frontiers Records
Mike Onesko'S Guitar Army - Armageddon - 2001 (Comet)
Desperate Housewives Soundtrack - 2004 (Hollywood)
Dean Del Ray -  Lone Mountain Serenade - 2000 (Mod Lang)
Pat Monahan - Last Of Seven - 2007 (Columbia)
Pat Monahan - Last of Seven Acoustic (Columbia)
Geoff Pearlman - Anything At All - 2002 (Ewm)
Bill Cutler - Crossing The Line - 2008 (Magnitude)
DP tribute (Shrapnel Records)
Ghosts of the past haunt any piece of art.
photo: Mike Corrado

Into The Presence 
(self title)
featuring Tim Alexander (primus)
Ana Lenchantin (Eels,Gnarls Barkley, Queens of the stone age)
Paz Lenchantin (Perfect Circle, Zwan)
4 stars Washington Post:
Writer, Guitarist, vocalist

Grammy winning
multi-platinum album
"Save me San Francisco":

 John Waite
"Rough and Tumble"
Co-wrote and performed 
 The title track that 
made its debut at #1 
on classic rock radio:
Writer, Guitarist

Critically acclaimed, 
"Into the Maelstrom"
Co-wrote single "control freak":
Writer, Guitarist on selected tracks

 Lunden Reign
"American Stranger"
Produced and Performed on critically acclaimed debut album:
Producer, Writer, Guitarist, Arranger

Glenn Hughes  
Performed and Co-wrote with
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Vocalist 
for the "F.U.N.K" album
Featuring Chad Smith from 
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

UFO/Michael Schenker various records and tour in 2000​